Why we do what we do

For me dancing is a small part of attending a dance class, it's about creating a safe space for each child.

I want my school to be a second home for my families, a place where children and parents want to spend time together, to feel relaxed and happy and feel part of something special. Silk should be part of the local community, joining in and arranging local events to give back as much as we possibly can. When people think of Silk I want them to not only think of us as a dance school but as an ambassador of the local community.

I want to train dancers to the best of their ability, I will train them to work hard both physically and mentally, to always believe in themselves and be the best that they can be. Along with our parents we will encourage our children to plough through when things get tough and keep going, never give up and be the best version of themselves. We will get through the hard times together and celebrate the wins together. We are a family and so a win for the individual is a win for Silk.

I want to raise a family, my tribe!


Miss Pennie

Founder and CEO of Silk School of dance

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