Ballet Classes:


Parents & guardians join our youngest dancers as they shake their sillies away, learn peek-a-boo toes and catch the falling stars as they enter the magical world of ballet.

With a little help and guidance you'll be surpised how quickly they blossom, and how much fun they'll have. (You, too!)


Your little dancer's imagination is where it all starts in Cocoons. Props, stories, laughter and songs they'll know are what we use to make it magical.
And along the way they'll be learning technique through jumping in hoops, tip-toeing to the fairy castle, laughing at crocodiles trying to bite their toes and shouting with glee.


Time to let your ballet dancers fly on their own and add a little more technical repertoire. Props and imaginative settings still abound.

At the same time they are enhancing their listening skills, finding new ways to be creative and, most importantly, making friends.


Here we focus concentration a little more so they can move to the next level and hone their technique with a view to a more structured curriculum, but never losing the vitality of fun and imagination.
They'll get to say hello to plie pony, venture under the sea and really get feeling of pride and achievement.
And get your tap shoes on, it's time for a beautiful noise!

Following on from the above, classes will take a more formal structure and children will go on to study the Imperial Society Of Teachers of dancing (ISTD) ballet syllabus.