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Junior Ages 7-9

Saturdays 11:45 – 2:30pm Ballet, MT and Acro £55 p/m 
Wednesday 5:00 – 6:45pm Ballet, Tap and Modern £35 p/m

A blend of ballet, tap, acro and musical theatre gives our students a well-rounded performing arts experience. Our Wednesday classes perfectly complement our Saturday classes.

Our Development package is a combination of Acrobatics, Ballet, Musical theatre


Ballet is the foundation of dance. The technique, values and discipline you learn in ballet translate into every other dance style.

Tap teaches rhythm and musicality. It teaches dancers how to listen when they dance because in tap you are learning about the music; how to make music and how to listen to music.


Acro is all about flexibility, strength, balance, limbering, and tumbling. Using a safe and effective program we teach the pupils the correct technique from them to go from simple log rolls to tumbling effortlessly across the dance floor.

Musical Theatre is our most varied subject. If you have seen it in a musical then it may appear in this class. From singing with our qualified vocal coach to drama, puppet work, tap, jazz and commercial. Anything could appear in this class while we study the shows that have graced the West End stage.

Or We combine Ballet, Tap and Modern on Wednesdays 


Modern is the class that brings everything together, learning a range of choreography and movement to put together amazing routines. Putting it simply, it is where our pupils learn to perform….it is where they learn to dance.