This is part of your agreement when joining Silk School of Dance. Membership is open to all subject to the following conditions:


  • Silk School of dance accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings while on the premises.

  • Silk School of dance accepts no liability for any injuries sustained whilst participating in a class or on the premises.

  • Silk School of dance Staff must be notified of any changes to the information provided on the Booking Form.



All staff, including cover teachers (who may be brought in at short notice), are qualified, experienced and DBS checked. Volunteer class assistants and trainees on placements are all DBS checked. There is always a first aider on site.


Supervision while on site: 

Students must ensure they always get full permission from staff prior to leaving class. Toilet breaks will be supervised by either a member of staff or class facilitator and students will always be supervised whilst on site.



Racist, sexist and other offensive language and behaviour is not tolerated, and we reserve the right to terminate membership without notice, the final decision being undertaken by the Board of Directors. Behaviour of staff, parents and students must always follow our code-of-conduct.

Please note that under no circumstances are pets allowed on school premises due to Health and Safety reasons.



Parents/carers will be invited to one class/performance per term. Parents/carers are not permitted to watch otherwise. (If a child is new or particularly unconfident, parents/carers may be allowed to sit in during the first ten minutes of one class at the Site Managers discretion). Silk School of dance provides costumes and props for shows where possible, but parents may be asked to provide basic accessories and basic costume if required.


Emergency contact number: 

Silk School of dance emergency mobile phone is kept with the Site Manager. The number will be given out upon registration and must only be used if there are problems regarding the collection of children.



Chewing gum/ fizzy drinks are strictly forbidden on the premises. No food is to be eaten in the studios.

[IF APPLICABLE]: Please bring a quick, light snack and drink (not lunch) with you.




This is essential and gives the students a sense of belonging, a sense of ritual and sense of dressing for something important – their class. Appropriate clothing as below is necessary for health and safety and child protection:

Students must not wear their school uniform to any class – Silk School of dance is not a school and wearing the correct Silk School of dance clothing gives a sense of belonging, allowing all to feel equal, healthy and safe.

  • All t-shirts, shoes and bags must be clearly labelled – lost property is donated to charity at the end of every term.

  • Strictly no jewellery – no earrings (earrings are very unsafe during physical activity).

  • Hair must be tied back from the face for all classes.

  • SECOND-HAND SHOES and CLOTHING for sale: there is often a good selection of second-hand clothing and shoes which can be bought from the school at a greatly reduced rate including tap and ballet shoes.

    DONATIONS OF DANCE CLOTHING: We welcome donations of dance wear that are in good condition and can be re-sold at a small price or lent to students.

Most Silk School of dance Classes:

  • Top: Silk School of dance uniform must be worn by all students.

  • Bottom: Silk School of dance leggings must be worn. No jeans or trousers, skirts or dresses are to be worn to any class.

  • Shoes: Black jazz shoes are to be worn. Strictly no trainers, crocs or sandals are allowed. Street Dance and students can wear trainers or jazz shoes.

  • Tap class: Black or white tap shoes.


  • Girls: leotard, short socks/tights, pink/nude/skin tone ballet slippers. Practice skirts may also be worn. Cardigans/Jumpers in a matching or complementary colour to the leotard may be worn in colder months. Please no tutus for class – these can be worn in shows and demonstrations!

  • Boys: white t-shirt or vest and black or navy shorts, short socks, black ballet slippers.

  • ISTD Ballet: ISTD approved uniform is required for exams.



Children must arrive and be collected promptly. It is very important that children arrive in time for their classes, preferably 5 minutes before the start. This allows the group time to settle from the moment the class starts. Latecomers will have to wait outside until an appropriate time to join the class. Children arriving after 15 minutes may be refused admission, as this may disrupt the professional attitude to classes we aim to foster.


Where possible Silk School of dance will aim to let people know of any changes in venue or class time at least one week ahead of schedule.




Any child missing for more than two classes per term without reason may not be able to join future courses. Class numbers are limited, and many have long waiting lists, so good attendance and commitment to the course is essential.



Parents are not to allow their child to attend Silk School of dance if they are feeling unwell or have a known injury which would prevent a student from fully taking part.


This includes presenting any contagious illness including (but not limited to): Chicken Pox, Head Lice, Common Cold, Flu and, as of March 2020, symptoms of COVID-19. 


COVID-19: Parents are expected to follow government advice in relation to when to self-isolate. You must complete a health declaration form before attending Silk School of dance.


Refunds will only be given in the event of illness or injury preventing attendance at classes for a sustained period of time as the Staff Member’s discretion.



Child Collection: 


Teachers must ensure that each child has left a session with an adult or older child (agreed in advance with parent). It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure the child is collected punctually at the end of the class or session. Should a parent/guardian not turn up to collect a child on time – this is the procedure to follow:

  • Inform Pennie who will contact the parent/guardian.

  • If the Pennie is not available, contact the staff member teaching your child.

  • If the office is closed, ask the child to contact the parent/guardian immediately.

  • If the child cannot call the parent/guardian, contact the parent/guardian directly to arrange collection.

  • If the parent/carer is not reachable, and you must leave, the emergency procedure is as follows:

  • Leave a message with the parent and contact the entire Silk School of dance Management Team with all the information. Wait until another member of the team can arrive.

  • If the parent/guardian is not reachable and there is no adult available, you must take the child to the nearest police station., Telephone 101. Inform the police of all contact details for the parent/guardian and notify the entire Silk School of dance Management Team as above. Leave a message for the parent/guardian to say where the child will be.



Silk School of dance does not provide drop-in classes for children and young people on all term time courses. All courses must be booked in advance. New students may join courses during the term subject to availability and authorisation of the Silk School of dance management team. If there are no spaces on a requested course when booking, then Silk School of dance will aim to provide an alternative option where possible.


Waiting List: 

Members on the waiting list will be contacted in order of the list. If members are unavailable, no message will be left. The next member will be contacted and the first to make contact will receive the place.


Priority Booking: 

A priority booking period for current students will take place for two weeks before general booking opens. Those wishing to continue should register during the priority booking period to secure their places in the next term’s courses. If any current students have not registered during this time, one attempt to make contact will be made to determine whether the student is continuing before offering the place to someone else.

Placement Priority on Courses:

  • Current Students continuing in same course
    Current students changing courses and additional courses

  • Siblings of current students

  • Waiting lists of new students



One full months deposit must be given to confirm a place.

For all current students, courses must be registered in advance. Payment can be made up until the last day of the previous month to guarantee the place. If payment for registered places is not received by this time and the Silk School of dance office hasn’t been contacted in advance, then the place will be offered to another student using the priority listed above.

It is Silk School of Dance's aim to offer a fixed number of concessionary places per term, subject to availability. All concessionary places must be paid for in advance of the course to confirm your place.



Failure to make payment before the month starts may result in no place being available. If this happens Silk School of dance will make every attempt to offer an alternative course or arrangement. If this is not possible then your name will be added to a waiting list.


If payment is outstanding, Silk School of dance reserves the right to withhold services. Every attempt will be made not to discuss monies owed with children, although in extreme circumstances (especially when children arrive without supervision) children may be turned away. Silk School of dance may share data with debt collection agencies in order to re-coup monies owed.



If a booking is cancelled, a minimum of one month’s notice should be given. Customers deposit will cover the last months fees 

Occasionally some courses may be cancelled due to circumstances beyond Silk School of dance control. The administration team will endeavour to contact paid customers and will either offer an exchange for the course or, in rare cases of a cancellation, a full refund will be given.

Silk School of dance reserves the right to cancel a course if there are fewer than seven participants on a course and the above efforts will be made to place a student in an alternative course or offer a pro-rata refund where appropriate.

If a single class does not take place due to circumstances beyond our control, Silk School of dance will view this class as postponed and will reschedule.





If Silk School of dance cannot deliver classes due to force majeure or government directive, we shall implement online classes via video conferencing software as a replacement. No refunds will be offered. 


If a child or household member is told to self-isolate by NHS Track and Trace (or equivalent service) classes will be provided to the student via video conferencing software. If the student is unwell and cannot take part, This will be classed as missed sessions and as per the below, no refund will be made.



Silk School of dance cannot offer a refund if you do not attend courses. A full refund will be given if the chosen workshop date/course is fully booked on receipt of payment. 

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