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Why should children do ballet?

A ballet practice provides many benefits that go beyond the classroom, even for a young child. Young children naturally respond to music with joyful movement, and are enthusiastic about learning new things and because a young child’s brain acquires knowledge more easily, an early introduction to ballet is beneficial

In ballet, a child learns to focus and follow instructions in a fun setting. The child develops confidence and pride in a job well done. The practice benefits the child’s social development and teaches teamwork and the routine encourages discipline that will positively affect all areas of life going forward!

Ballet teaches body awareness and self-control, and helps a child with fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance and posture. The skills learned in ballet are applicable to many other forms of dance, and the strength and flexibility acquired provide an excellent foundation for future physical activity.

Ballet is a wonderful channel for a young child’s energy and enthusiasm. As a child begins a ballet practice, it’s important to remember that all children are different and will find comfort in a new setting on their own schedule. A child may not participate in every exercise right away, please be patient and let your child develop in their own time.

At Silk School of Dance, we're happy to introduce your child to the many benefits of ballet! To book your class, please contact us via the contact page. We can't wait for your child to join the Silk family!



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